About Us

The Canna Law Group is a team of business attorneys focusing on the corporate, compliance, intellectual property, and consumer product issues impacting the cannabis industry.

From our Seattle roots, the Canna Law Group has grown with the marijuana business community, using both our knowledge and adaptability to tackle unprecedented legal challenges around the country. Our focus on state compliance gives our clients a reliable foundation for long-term security, while our experienced corporate attorneys provide practical guidance on reaching their business goals.

We now represent medical and recreational businesses in multiple states, and we continue to offer our clients the proactive approach and strategic edge that this unique industry demands.

We’re in this together.

Breaking barriers. Building connections. It’s just what we do.

The Canna Law Group’s commitment to this industry is unparalleled. Not only through our services but also through our prominent roles as bloggers, educators, advocates and connectors, we never stop working to build a stronger future for cannabis business on both a state and national scale.

Our attorneys regularly speak and present at the National Marijuana Business Conference, NORML annual meetings, state and national legislatures, state and local bar association seminars, and community outreach events. We also host quarterly seminars and public events that bring business leaders together. To help increase credibility and positive exposure for the industry, we work to strengthen communication and transparency between marijuana businesses, their state and local officials, and their wider communities.

Visit our Canna Law Blog to keep up with the latest issues and developments affecting the cannabis industry today.

Local insight. National scope.

In your state and ahead of the curve.

The Canna Law Group delivers a powerful combination of state-specific knowledge and national perspective. Our attorneys across the country keep a vigilant watch over the legal and political developments affecting our clients’ businesses, reacting swiftly to keep them informed and in step with local law.

In tandem with our state practices, we work closely as a national team, backed by Harris Bricken, to build upon an established hub of legal knowledge and expert resources. Working with our larger team at Harris Bricken bolsters our ability to effectively address the wide range of business and legal issues our clients face.

Between our state presence and our deep industry background, the Canna Law Group provides our clients with the focused support they need—both when and where they need it.