Administrative Hearings

Know your rights. Defend your business.

Canna Law attorneys understand the exacting standards marijuana businesses must meet to prevail in state administrative hearings and on appeals.

Under the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) in each marijuana state, you have the right to appeal a state agency’s decision to deny or revoke your business license or registration or to fine you for alleged violations. The appeal process is a demanding one and it does not operate like a civil lawsuit. Failure to comply with the strict timelines and detailed rules mandated by your state can mean compromising your appeal or losing your window to appeal altogether.

Canna Law can help ensure your appeal meets the strict qualifications necessary for submission to the relevant state agency. Once submitted, we get to work building the timely, intelligent, and well-researched arguments crucial to maintaining your successful appeal.

Our administrative appeals services include:

  • Business license revocations and denials
  • Specialty license revocation denials
  • Fines, sanctions and penalties for violations

Contact us to find out how the Canna Law Group can help you recover your business or specialty license or registration through an administrative appeal.