Corporate Governance

Keep your business running smoothly.

Canna Law attorneys provide business entities with a thorough understanding of their rights and responsibilities so that our clients can prevent, and quickly resolve, their internal issues.

Even with the best corporate agreements, governance can be a challenge. Misunderstandings and disagreements can cause internal strife within an otherwise well-run business. Decision-makers owe duties of good faith, loyalty, and good care to their companies, and they must know what those duties entail. It is therefore critical that corporate shareholders, directors, officers, and limited liability members and managers know their responsibilities.

Canna Law attorneys have the know-how to address potential governance issues before they cause long-term damage to our clients’ businesses. Having successfully resolved a wide range of corporate governance disputes, we help our clients restore their internal stability, quickly and effectively.

Our Corporate Governance services include:

  • Negotiating and drafting operating agreements and shareholders agreements
  • Drafting corporate bylaws
  • Creating plans to maintain meeting minutes and other corporate documents
  • Identifying and accounting for conflicts of interest
  • Mediating corporate disputes
  • Drafting initial financing and loan agreements

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