A trusted ally in tough legal territory.

Canna Law attorneys are known for their ability to navigate the most challenging aspects of marijuana law. Let us put our confidence and broad litigation experience to work to help your business succeed.

The Canna Law Group has successfully represented marijuana businesses in their legal disputes relating to contracts, intellectual property rights, licensing, administrative appeals, municipal disputes, and landlord/tenant issues. Having both defended and prosecuted a wide range of claims on behalf of marijuana businesses in multiple states, we know how to guide you through this complex process and to help you achieve the results your business needs.

Our attorneys understand your legal options and are prepared to fight for your business either in or out of court. Though negotiations can often be effective, Canna Law attorneys know when and how to deploy the stronger tools of litigation to which our clients are entitled. No matter the type of conflict, we remain committed to protecting your interests and your bottom line every step of the way.

Our litigation services include:

  • Litigation against cities in defense of your cannabis business
  • Administrative hearings regarding the denial or revocation of business license
  • Administrative hearings regarding the denial or revocation of your State-issued cannabis license
  • Tax litigation against IRS and Departments of Revenue from state to state
  • Civil litigation regarding commercial leases and landlord disputes
  • Civil litigation of zoning compliance issues
  • Litigation of contract disputes
  • Litigation of trademark disputes

Contact us to learn more about how Canna Law can assist you with your marijuana business litigation needs.