Local Advocacy

Building stronger connections between marijuana businesses and their communities.

Canna Law can help broker the invaluable local dialogue that fortifies your standing as a responsible member of your business community.

Effective advocacy is critical when your surrounding community can be your biggest adversary or your strongest ally. Once you have met the rigorous standards necessary to obtain your state marijuana business license, permit, or registration, you must still maintain full legal compliance and a credible reputation within your city or county. To that end, establishing a positive relationship with your city or county council is of vital importance.

Our attorneys have successfully negotiated and cooperated with multiple government bodies across the country to help marijuana businesses communicate more effectively with their local authorities. Focusing on robust communication and industry education, Canna Law attorneys work to improve transparency and understanding between our clients, their city and county councils, and their larger communities.

In cities and counties across the country, Canna Law has increased credibility and positive exposure for both individual marijuana businesses and for the industry as a whole.

Our local advocacy services include:

  • Preparation of educational materials for city councils and planning commissions
  • Oral presentation for city council meetings and hearings
  • Local lobbying
  • Preparation for and attendance at community outreach forums

Contact us to learn more about how our Local Advocacy services can help strengthen your business within your community.