Real Property

Marijuana commercial leaseholds and real property purchases demand experienced legal counsel.

Through effective lease and purchase and sale negotiation and dispute resolution, Canna Law attorneys help build secure and sustainable relationships between landlords, tenants, buyers, and sellers across the country.

The Canna Law Group provides knowledgeable assistance with the legal issues that commonly arise between landlords, tenants, buyers, and sellers in the marijuana industry. Our attorneys focus on helping clients establish strong communication and agreements from the start to ensure a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship in the face of Federal prohibition. Whether you are a landlord, a marijuana business owner, or a buyer or a seller of land, Canna Law can help you draft and negotiate a lease or purchase and sale agreement that provides you with long-term protection and flexibility.

Proactive planning can prevent most disputes, but Canna Law attorneys are also prepared to handle the disputes that can occur over the course of a tenancy or after a property acquisition. Beyond lease and purchase and sale drafting and review, we have successfully defended and prosecuted a wide range of claims involving eviction, unpaid rent, purchase and sale default, and property damage.

Our real property services include:

  • Developing landlord marketing packages to describe cannabis business models for banks and other lenders
  • Drafting leaseholds to accommodate cannabis business
  • Review and advise regarding commercial leases
  • Amendments to commercial leases
  • Litigation and mediation
  • Drafting real property purchase and sale agreements
  • Due diligence for real property purchases and sales

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