Regulatory Compliance

With a vigilant legal guide, you can build your business with confidence.

Canna Law attorneys act as in-house counsel to hundreds of marijuana businesses across various states to ensure that they remain in compliance with all applicable state and local regulations.

Compliance with state and local rules and laws is crucial to the survival of your marijuana business. On August 29, 2013, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) issued an enforcement policy memo to all of its U.S. Attorneys outlining the DOJ’s eight enforcement priorities in states with marijuana regulations and licensing regimes. To adhere to those Federal enforcement priorities, marijuana businesses must remain in full compliance with their states’ marijuana rules—which is often easier said than done.

Once you obtain your marijuana business license or registration, you must still work to maintain full compliance with all applicable local and state regulations. Indifference about regulatory compliance can result in license revocation, fines, penalties, criminal sanctions, and even Federal scrutiny and intervention. Routine due diligence and careful vigilance regarding changes in state and local regulations are key to avoiding these detrimental consequences.

Let the Canna Law Group provide the proactive planning and state-specific guidance your business needs to stay on top of ever-changing state and local cannabis laws.

Our regulatory compliance services include:

  • State license application assistance
  • Drafting and managing of operational plans to be submitted to state and municipalities for operational licenses
  • Advice and assistance on local permitting and licensing processes
  • Periodic legal compliance audits
  • Monitoring existing and changing state and local regulations for marijuana businesses

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