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Stay secure and stay ahead with a legal team that knows the cannabis marketplace.

The Canna Law Group helps marijuana businesses lay the groundwork for long-term security and success.

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The Canna Law Group: getting it done and doing it right since 2010.

The Canna Law Group is a dedicated practice group of Harris Bricken with cannabis business attorneys licensed in multiple states across the country. We combine deep industry experience with state-specific insight to help businesses stay informed and legally compliant as cannabis law continues to evolve.

As we expand our practice, we remain committed to the same promise that defined us in 2010: to help our clients and the larger cannabis business community build a durable framework for long-term growth.

A focus on compliance. A focus on your future.

The proactive legal planning you need to grow with confidence.

At the Canna Law Group, we concentrate on building your capacity for long-term regulatory compliance. Beyond helping you establish your business, our attorneys look ahead to your future legal needs to keep it running smoothly for years to come.

We emphasize thorough research and planning to give our clients a stronger foothold in a changing legal environment. Developed through years of practical experience, our contract-based approach has helped hundreds of our clients lay the groundwork for fully compliant and truly sustainable businesses.

“The Canna Law Group is helping our clients and the larger cannabis business community lay the groundwork for a secure and successful future by providing the information and forward-thinking guidance businesses need to comply with the evolving laws.”

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Dope Magazine Attorney of the Year

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A leading resource for cannabis news and advocacy.

The Canna Law Group has built a national reputation for clearing obstacles and building legitimacy for the cannabis industry. Our attorneys have received multiple awards for their groundbreaking work, and major media outlets frequently look to us for our informed perspective on developing marijuana issues. Visit our News & Events page to see our team in action.